Electronic Lock System

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Hotel Electronic Lock System

How the system operates in a nutshell

Basic components of the system include software, read-write card encoder, access card, lock, data register. Optional components include data register, energy-saving switch and elevator controller



  • 1
  • Wireless system and stand-alone door lock:

    Requires no wiring, adopts smart card to perform control function and unlocking function its stand-alone controlled by program in the lock and activated by cards which are coded using computer.
  • 2
  • Keycards are limited by lock’s clock:

    There is check out time set on software which keycards will be invalid, Guest keys to be reactivated when they expire. NB: The guest booking room cannot unlock the lock before the check-in time for security reasons.
  • 3
  • Restrict Guest room function:

    For some need to restrict guest room (such as bill arrears) Stop Card can be used to stop the corresponding key card from unlocking the lock.
  • 4
  • Keycards are grouped into several levels:

    to access different levels. There are Master Card, Building Card, Floor Card and Guest Card. Employees in different departments will be assigned with different level key cards.
  • 5
  • Do not disturb function:

    When the guest turns out the deadbolt inside the room, the waiter/steward cannot unlock with keycard except , Master Card can unlock for emergency situation), and there will be LED indication (flashing red and blue alternately) to show deadbolt turned on.
  • 6
  • Conference room function:

    The lock can be set to auto-lock (the lock will be locked automatically 7 seconds after unlocking) and always-open (the lock will be always-open after unlocking). The conference room and public access door can be set as always-open Mode
  • 7
  • User-friendly software:

    exquisite icon to show all the room state clearly (Empty room, booked room, lodging room, dirty room, maintenance room Practical shortcut button with the prompt of each operation
  • 8
  • Complete in formation function:

    Support inquir y of room information , log record, lodge information, card record; helps hotel manager to manage the hotel business easily.
  • 9
  • Report the loss of key card:

    Lost keycard can be invalidated by room pass card
  • 10
  • Mechanical key override:

    Emergency mechanical key will unlock in case of complete lock failure.
  • 11
  • Panic release function:

    Deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by opening the inside handle for easy egress.
  • 12
  • Alarm:

    if door is not closed well and the latch is pressed, the lock will give alarm to remind the guest to close the door well.
  • 13
  • Anti-pick function:

    when close the door, the anti-pick latch will prevent the lock to be opened

Locks Portfolio

Take a view of our different locks that can be used in the system

  • 998S-D
  • 998BK-D
  • 039NB-D
  • 918SLL-D
  • 918SLL-2-D
  • 918RLP-D
  • 918RLP-K
  • 929SS-D
  • 968AK-D
  • 998AK-D

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