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Does your server room optimally support your IT framework? Unplanned growth -> Tendency toward chaos...

Network Critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI) assessment is often the least important as numerous ciritcal factors affecting optimal server room performance are given little or no consideration. This is due to lack of expert knowledge in idenfitying, assessing and addressing the enviromnent by the IT and/ or Electrical personnel.


unplanned growth


The risk of lack of planning your IT future is on an all time high as change in environments, dynamic IT trends put pressure on the existing framework demanding its agility and adaptability without affecting the overall business that is increasingly dependent on IT.


This was evident in the network and application layers of a company's IT framework. Nowadays, physical infrastructure is not spared either as power, cooling, environmental factors directly affect overall network performance.

Oversizing equipment for an unforseeable future often leads to serious server room inefficiencies

A modular architecture scaled to follow the load has both short term and long term benefits.


right sizing

5 solutions we offer:

Based on APC by Schneider Electricand Infrastruxureproducts, we offer the following focused solutions that can be implemented as bit part or whole system:


1. High Density Rack Systems


A variety of vendor neutral rack enclosures engineered to handle the airflow and cabling needs of power-hungry, high-density servers.


APC Netshelter CX, SX, SV encosures provide options that adapt to various server room needs. There is a comprehensive selection of accessories i.e. rack power distribution units (PDUs), cable management, airflor management, mounting hardware and data distribution cables. In addition, rack LCD monitors and KVM switches for server access are available for selection


scalable and redundant power




2. Reliable Power (Scalability and Redundancy features available)

A wide variety of power back up solutions from sine wave line interactive, double conversion online to high performance, redundant power protection with scalable power and runtime.


Smart UPS, Smart UPS online, Symmetra, Symmetra LX, Symmetra PX and Galaxy UPS products give a wide range of options for your right sized server room on single phase and/or three phase power environments.


scalable and redundant power


Our knowledge and expertise will assist you in selecting and right sizing the power back up system for your server room.


3. Close Coupled Cooling (Dymanic and Scalable)

"Keeping the room cold" is outdated by the new development of high density, compact servers e.g. blade servers that demand over 40kW per rack compared to 3W average cooling.As a result, dagerous hot spots emerge within and between racks. Room cooling poses challenges like adaptation, power consumption and scalability due to it's rigid nature.


hot spots


As space is becoming a critical factor in a company's budget, many prefer servers that take less space and perform mutliple functions optimally. This increases demand for effective cooling strategies than focus on air cirulation rather than just keeping the room cold. With power costs exponentially rising, there is demand for cooling solutions that consume the very least power per kW of heat.


Hence, APC new generation of agile cooling equipment from inRow, inRack cooling systems to more advanced containment systems are designed to take care of specific cooling needs while significantly cutting down overheads.

effective cooling



4. Security and Environmental Monitoring

APC NetBotz monitoring applicances integrates environmental sensors and surveillance cameras provide full monitoring solution from a single console accessible via the network. Hence, you can rest assured of real-time, detailed and analytical information of your server room security and environment as well as system and/or user defined alerts and notifications.

security and environmental monitoring



5. Centralised Monitoring Software

StruxureWare Data Center Expert provides an efficient way for organizations to monitor their company-wide multi-vendor physical infrastructure: power, cooling, security, and environment. Real-time monitoring, user-defined reports and graphs, and instant fault notification and escalation enable quick assessment and resolution of critical infrastucture events that can adversely affect IT system availability.


This open and flexible architecture expands with changing business needs through additional device licenses, add-on surveillance, capacity management and change management modules, and through integration with enterprise and building management systems.


centralised management


This software among a catalog of operations anc control softwares form the powerful centralised management solutions by StruxureWare.


Putting it all together....


server room solutions

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